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If your company is too small to have its own safety management department or you have a big safety overhaul project coming up, hiring an outside safety consultant will save you time and money. At the same time, you’ll benefit from the depth of experience and expertise a dedicated safety consultant can bring to the table.

For more information on how training or hiring a safety consultant can benefit your business, contact H & R Fire and Safety Inc. today.

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Compliance & Customized Fire and Safety Training Programs

Training has an enormous impact on both the individual and the business; especially when it comes to safety. With ever-evolving local, state and federal requirements for fire safety; staying up-to-date on education and training is a must. General industry Life Safety issues must be studied, discussed and fine-tuned on a regular basis.  At H & R we teach a variety of courses that can be tailored to your industry; greatly increasing hazard identification and resolution.


H & R can assist you in building a written custom safety program that will suite your specific needs. We also offer “Train the Trainer” programs that will help develop skills in your safety leadership team that they will be capable of communicating to other employees. Through proper education and training you will be able to increase employee safety awareness and reduce the frequency of claims.

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We offer a variety of Safety Training Programs and Inspections:

  • Site Specific Safety Audits & Training

  • Portable Fire Extinguisher

  • Active Shooter

  • Heat Stress

  • Sound db Levels

  • First Aid and AED

H & R Fire & Safety Inc was established in 1974.

  • Emergency Eye Wash & Shower Use and Inspection

  • Environmental Hazard Identification & Prevention

  • General Industry - Slip & Fall

  • and many other programs

We also offer 4 and 8 hour Continuing Education Credit courses approved through the State of Georgia and I.C.C. (International Code Council) in the areas of Portable Fire Extinguishers and Ethics.

Is Outsourcing Safety Training the Right Move for You?

Let H & R professionals do a site assessment. We can identify potential hazards and solutions for fulfilling regulatory requirements. We will combine your site hazards, all regulatory requirements, and up-to-date claims data into an action plan.


We will review your current training programs and match them to accident reports. Determining root causes of issues and proper corrective actions will be our goal. Then, we will customize a solution for you based on your unique operation.


Developing training programs for your future success is our goal. H & R has found that OSHA citations are often related to inadequate or non-existent training. We help you avoid any costly penalties and keep your workforce operating at full force with the smartest training available.